Temperament (Android)

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Are you are a sanguine, choleric, melancholic, or phlegmatic? Read, create a profile, take the test, add notes. Learn the fundamental dispositions of each temperament, the good and the bad, and receive insights on how to improve your character and relationship with others. Test yourself, test your friends, test your family. It's informative, educational, fun!

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Art and Laraine Bennett Interview

Link to podcast.

An interview with the authors The Temperament God Gave You, and The Temperament God Gave Your Spouse. I highly recommend their work: listen here.

The Four Temperaments by Fr. Desposito

Classic overview of the temperaments.

Fr. Desposito's sermon on the four temperaments, a reading from a work titled 'The Theology of Christian Perfection' by Fr. Antonio Royo Marin. You can read Fr. Marin's work here: Part 1 and Part 2.

An Overview of The TemperamentsRead More

The four temperaments.

A temperament is the pattern of inclinations that proceed from the physiological constitution of the individual. It is a dynamic factor that takes into account the way that the individual will react to stimuli of various kinds. It is innate, hereditary, permanent, and admits of only secondary modification.

Further Research

Free Ebooks and Articles.

Father Conrad Hock's excellent short book on the four temperaments:
The Four Temperaments by Fr. Conrad Hock

An informative pamphlet by Father Christian Kappes:
Temperaments by Father Christian Kappes

Father John Henry's work on the temperaments and spirituality:
Manual of Self-Knowledge and Christian Perfection

Father Jordan Aumann discusses the temperaments in his Spiritual Theology:
Spiritual Theology by Jordan Aumann O.P.